V1.0 is now released and out of Early Access!

After 2.5 years of development, we’d like to thank everyone for a successful and enjoyable Early Access phase! Our small team of 4 has worked tirelessly and RSR is now a well-rounded and fun game that we are proud to release :)

V1.0 Has a variety of new items, guns, improvements, and upgrades. The specific details of which we will leave up to you to discover.

So where to now? This is only just the beginning for RSR! Over the next months, we’ll be promoting the game and talking to players, getting RSR out to the world. We’ll likely be releasing a lot more content along the way as well.

Thanks again for all your support! Feel free to reach out in the community hub. We love hearing from our players!

-RSR team

Questions? Contact us on Discord.


rogue-star-rescue-windows-64.zip 266 MB
Version 9 Feb 04, 2021
rogue-star-rescue-osx-64.zip 265 MB
Version 9 Feb 04, 2021

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