Major Update V1.2.0. RAMPAGE Mode!

Hey Everyone! It’s been a busy month here at the RSR headquarters. I’ve been working tirelessly to implement a lot of your improvements and suggestions. Here’s a list of what’s changed since V1.1:

New team RAMPAGE mode with enemy streak kill bonuses
New reworked bosses with more bullet-helly patterns
New trap perks
Added numeric indicator for barrier health
More starting money (75)
New trap selection controls for mouse/keyboard
New camera settings
Improved enemy AI and balance
Traps now visible on minimap
New Synergies
Faster opening doors
New boss death animations
Adjusted companion strength with difficulty level
New room designs
Improved defense room performance
Bouncy bullets can now explode multiple times
Added a counter to track which ending dialog options were chosen before
Updated Japanese translations
New password protected lobbies
New Challenge rooms, obstacles courses
New item exchanger NPCs
Reworked Light Sword
Increased speed run timers
Reworked passive items and synergies
New Pizza Delivery Character
New Assassin shooting galleries
Updated main ship tables
Improved translations for all languages
New trap challenge rooms
Added ability to sell unused health powerups
New Survival mode (in beta) watch for it’s full release in V1.3

As always if you have any feedback or ideas feel free to drop me a line in the community hub or through our Discord. I’m really happy with the improvements we’re making and excited for the future of RSR. Thanks for your ongoing support!

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