New Trap Perks!

We've added 15 new trap perks to further combat the hordes of Uronian invaders :) Available now in V1.1.5!

They include:

-Boss Killer Spikes
-Fire Spikes
-Lingering Slow Spikes (adds temp slow when triggered)

-Teleport back Slows
-Freeze Slows
-Player Buff Slows (player bullets are stronger when enemies on the slow trap)

-Super Push Walls
-Poison Walls
-Explosive Wall

-Electric Bullet Turrets
-Long range Turrets
-Fragmentation Turrets

-Barrier adjacent placement buff
-Explosive Barriers
-Wrath Barriers (deals damage to surrounding enemies when hit)

Thanks so much for your valuable feedback! We are actively using it to add upon the RSR universe. If you'd like to show your support, leave us a short Steam Review! We greatly appreciate it :)

-RSR Team

Questions? Contact us on Discord.

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Version 10 Feb 16, 2021

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