Tower Defense Survival Mode!

We've just released the new Tower Defense Survival game mode, and it adds a whole new dimension to RSR!

This separate game mode lets you see how many waves you can survive and really focus on optimizing your TD strategy. And of course it's available in single-player, local, and online co-op :)

We've also added a bunch of other fun features in V1.3, they include:

You can now pet the dogs, and they will reward you with rampage points

New ability to sell unused ammo

New faster loading times

New trap counter in inventory/map window

It's now easier to avoid falling in pits

New Gambler NPC

New trap challenge rooms

New Synergies

New Extended Rampage item

New Reloading sounds

New game stats when failing

New survival achievements

New gun scrolling with controller d-pad

Thanks again for your great suggestions and feedback! If you'd like to show your support drop us a short review and let us know what you think!

-RSR Team

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Version 11 Mar 20, 2021

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Hope to see v1.4 here soon! Great game!