Rogue Star Rescue is Live on Kickstarter

A bullet-hell shooter with tower defense? Online with your friends? Support us on Kickstarter to be a part of this instant classic! 

It's time to bring roguelites to the next level! Rogue Star Rescue is a unique mix of bullet hell roguelite shooters and tower defense games. We're adding strong strategy elements to the all-out insanity of bullet hell shooters. 

Stylistically we're breaking away from traditional dark-dungeony themes by making bright and accessible retro-style graphics. Do you remember the first time you played Sonic the Hedgehog? We're incorporating that feeling of visual splendor and wonder. It's much more refreshing than crawling around in the same old dank dungeons.

The action is smooth, the gameplay is challenging, the story is complex and nonlinear. It's a game you'll get sucked into, and will end up spending months exploring the multiple intricacies and outcomes. Keeping the game fun well past the 100-hour mark is our core design focus.

Our small team of 5 is taking on an ambitious project. We see Kickstarter as a great way to raise the funds needed for development PLUS get valuable feedback from our community.  

To get a free demo of the game check out our KS page. I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

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